ZAKOJI Masahiro M.D., MPH / 座光寺 正裕

2009.3 九州大学医学部卒業
2011.3 佐久総合病院初期臨床研修修了
2012.4 タイ王国マヒドン大学公衆衛生大学院卒業
2012.5 佐久総合病院地域医療部総合診療科
2013.4 佐久総合病院国際保健委員会(病院公式Facebook)委員長
2015.1 南牧村・野辺山へき地診療所所長
2018.11 WHO東南アジア地域事務所技官



Chief, Global Health Committee, Saku Central Hospital, April 2013 – present

Leads the newly established committee of 30 inter-professional members, focused on human resource development in the field of global health.

Senior Resident, General Medicine, Koumi Branch, May 2012 – present

Works as a general practitioner in a rural hospital in Nagano with four supervisors and five subordinate doctors, practicing both in the hospital-based and home-visiting care settings. Responsible for training junior residents through providing opportunities to expose themselves to the actual field of comprehensive community care.

Junior Resident, Saku Central Hospital, Japan, April 2009 – March 2011

Followed by a year of MPH enrolment in Mahidol University in Thailand.


Master of Public Health, Mahidol University, Thailand, March 2011 – May 2012

Focused on social determinants of health among the underserved, such as plantation workers with Chikungunya fever and Dengue fever and commercial sex workers with HIV/AIDS.

Medical Doctor, Kyushu University, Japan, April 2003 – March 2009

Devoted to molecular biology of measles virus binding protein and voluntary activities for the foreign overstayers with HIV/AIDS in Japan.

Additional Information

Founding member of Junior Doctors Network
Associate member of World Medical Association
Candidate certified physician of Japanese Society of AIDS Research
Member of Japan Association for International Health
Member of Japan Primary Healthcare Association
Alumni of Academic Society of Tropical Medicine, Kyushu University



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